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Gastroenterology Disease Disorders


Here is some information about some of the diseases and disorders that are encountered within the speciality of gastroenterology. I have also provided links to obtain further information, advice and help.

Coeliac Disease

This is a condition caused by an allergic reaction to gluten (a component of wheat and other cereals). It affects about 1 in 100 people in the UK and the treatment is to follow a strict gluten-free diet.

Link to Coeliac UK

Crohns Disease

In this condition, there are areas of damage and inflammation, which can affect different parts of the intestine. The cause is unknown and there is currently no cure. However, we now have a selection of very good treatments, which should normally keep this condition under control and enable a full and normal lifestyle.

Link to Crohns and Colitis UK

Non-visceral Abdominal Pain

This is a condition where the pain is arising from a tender area in the abdominal wall (described as a myofascial trigger point).

Frequently asked questions about this condition

Ulcerative Colitis

This condition affects the lower bowel (colon). The surface of the bowel becomes irritated and inflamed causing symptoms such as diarrhoea and bleeding. The cause is unknown and there is currently no cur but most patients are well controlled with medical treatments.

Link to Crohns and Colitis UK